You just like the music? EROS RADIO 93 brings you the newest music first before you hear it on any other station. You can find the widest variety of continuous new hits and the sound of popular tunes playing by the modern best radio station in SERRES. We broadcast mainly in SERRES but you can find us also here on the wolrdwide network!!


Our music on EROS RADIO is one of the most important things to care.We deliver in fully digital sound timeless tracks. We specialsise in POP / MODERN ROCK / DANCE / R & B/ HOTHITS / TOP-40 music which now getting major air play... always up-to-date hits. Smash music that top the current charts, mixed with the best of the 80's and just a touch of classic oldies. A super-hot encyclopedia of music on your radios and today's answer to your acoustic needs.EROS RADIO brings you a complete control of your audio atmosphere with CD-quality music 24 hours a day , giving you music the way it was meant to be listened to.Whether you are looking for music to get you kick-started in the morning , set the pace at work or to give you moments to reflect on the memories of a past love affair , just turn to EROS RADIO for your best time !!! From mild to wild, EROS RADIO provides the acoustic ambiance that can transform your mood, soothe your soul, or set you off on a thrill peaking ride.Do you wish you were more in-tune with the latest songs?..with us you can surround yourself with a very big mixure of the latest hits and artists. Over the weekends the emphasis is on a variety of all time dance tracks.So, give us your time and your attention and we offer to you big stars,big hits and good times. We don't have radio shows every hour.....we just have one and only ALL THE TIME !!!!


Q. Where can i hear EROS RADIO ?A. EROS RADIO reaches 100% of SERRES city and 60-70% of SERRES region, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the 93.00 MHZ on the fm dial and through digital stereo transmitting, the only way to get a louder, punchier sound and create the most powerful sound you've ever listened to.
Q. Who listens?A. At home, at work and in their cars nearly 70.000 greeks in the winter time and over 100.000 in the summer time reaches the largest number of hotels,health clubs,casual restaurants, lounges, bars, offices, factories, gyms and shops around SERRES city. The station is particularly popular during office and shop hours but also is the ideal solution for drivetime listening.
Q. Which is the target group of EROS RADIO?
A. The station's target audience is the young adult sector of the market (15 - 40) which is a high spending capacity group.These people tend to go for value and good entertainment like cinemas and restaurants.They also do go to clubs but tend to have mixed and varied choices.
Q. Why does EROS RADIO broadcast POP -TOP music only?A. Because we want to keep you anytime informed in real time about what is happening to the world of music worldwide
Q. Why do you play only Euro-Us also?
A. The most effective way to present music on the radio is to focus on a single music style and we found that this is very important also for you. On EROS RADIO you know always what music style are you going to listen to and this is what we want.
Q. Who governs EROS RADIO?A. EROS RADIO is a private radio station founded by Basilis Spanoudakis, after many years in music sector , radio stations and broadcast experience.
Q. What is the future of EROS RADIO ?A. EROS RADIO is in serres city from 1997 any time of day and night. Our future plans are: · more choices for our listeners, · more contact with you, · more powerful transmittion, · a complete digital signal on the air (DAB), · remain programmatically and technologically competitive in the marketplace.


LOCATION : SERRES city, NORTH Greece. Studios are located in the center of the town.FREQUENCY : 93.00 MHZ fm stereo digital transmittion with radio data system ( RDS ).TRANSMITTION EQUIPMENT : 1000 WATT RVR solid state broadcast system (central station) + various equipment of HLEKTRON, RVR,AUDIO - STUDIOS EQUIPMENT : SOUNDCRAFT , , SONY and more...RADIANT SYSTEM INSTALLATION : FERRARA S hot-dip galvanized steel dipoles .AUTHORIZED POWER : 1000 WATT stereo transmittion.HOURS OF OPERATION : 24 hours daily. FIRST DATE ON AIR : MAY 1997AUDIENCE : Winter time ~ 70.000 people / Summer time ~ over 100.000 people.TARGET AGE GROUP : 15 - 50 years old listeners.MUSIC FORMAT : POP ROCK HITS , A/C PROGRAM DIRECTOR : VASILIS SPANOYDAKIS

EROS RADIO 93 FM who we are

eros radio is a radio station which came on air formally during the spring of 1997 with a coverage area of the city of serres at the north of the greek .
Since then it has remained close to the hearts and ears of it's listeners as the real music radio station in town.
We specialise in playing the best new music first and while the weekend the emphasis is on a variety of pop ROCK hits.
It's your x-press way to the music and your source for quality radio station.eros radio operates on 93.o MHz fm and targets the age group 15 - 40 having the first place for years.eros radio has been recognized for many years as one of the top radio stations in town.
We use to acquire and install the most up-to-date digital broadcast equipment available worldwide.
We are on air 24 hours a day,365 days a year non-stop on the fm band and we have a HOT-HITS , A/C format featuring music now getting major air play, with a few key-hits from the past.

Our basic principles is to look always for the best quality in order to satisfy every hour of the day our listeners.Thank you for supporting us all this time!!